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Yoon Mi Rae. Yoon Mi Rae honestly explained, "It's because we weren't popular." They also talked about what anniversaries meant to them, saying, "We never celebrated anniversaries because we don't think. YOON MI RAE: American-born South Korean rapper and singer who is currently a member of Korean hip hop trio MFBTY.

Picture of Yoon Mi Rae
Picture of Yoon Mi Rae (Vera Norris)
EXCLUSIVE: MFBTY's Yoon Mi-rae opens up about the group's new album and reveals what it was really like working with K-pop superstars BTS. Watch all the Running Man (런닝맨) episodes that Yoon Mi-rae (윤미래) has appeared in. Real name: 나타샤 샨타 리드 / Natasha Shanta Reid.

Truedy had the nerve to call herself the second Yoon Mi Rae.

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Yoon Mi Rae (윤미래; stylized as Yoonmirae) is a American-born Korean rapper and singer. Tiger JK+ Yoon mi rae + BIzzy= MFBTY MFBTY- If it is difficult to remember just remember this words hahaha- My Fan's Better Than Yours XOXO. Yoon Mirae Profile: Yoon Mirae Facts Yoon Mirae is a rapper under Feel Ghood Music.

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